lodge «loj», verb, lodged, lodg|ing, noun.
1. to live in a place for a time: »

We lodged in motels on our trip.

SYNONYM(S): dwell, reside.
2. to live in a rented room in another's house: »

We are merely lodging at present.

3. to get caught or stay in a place without falling or going farther: »

The boy's kite lodged in the branches of a big tree.

1. to supply with a place to sleep or live in for a time: »

Can you lodge us for the weekend?

2. to rent a room or rooms to.
3. to put or send into a particular place: »

The marksman lodged a bullet in the center of the target.

4. to put for safekeeping: »

to lodge money in a bank. I lay all night in the cave where I had lodged my provisions (Jonathan Swift).

5. to put before some authority: »

We lodged a complaint with the police.

6. to put (power, authority, or privilege) in a person or thing: »

The authority to arrest criminals is lodged with the pole.

SYNONYM(S): vest.
7. to beat down or lay flat, as crops by rain or wind.
8. to search out the lair of (a deer).
1. a) a place to live in: »

There is a lodge down the road that rents rooms to travelers.

b) a small or temporary house, such as one used during the hunting season or in summer: »

My uncle rents a lodge in the mountains for the summer.

c) a cottage on an estate or the like, such as one for a caretaker or gardener: »

The porter of my father's lodge (Emily Dickinson).

2. a) a branch of a secret society: »

The lodge holds its meetings on Tuesday nights.

b) the place where it meets: »

No one but a member is allowed in the lodge.

3. the den of an animal, especially the large structure built near or in the water by a beaver or an otter.
4. U.S. a) a wigwam, tepee, or other dwelling of a North American Indian. b) the number of Indians living in one dwelling.
5. the residence of the head of a college at Cambridge University, England, or the vice-chancellor's residence at certain other schools.
[< Old French loge arbor, covered walk < Germanic (compare Old High German louba hall, roof). See etym. of doublets lobby (Cf.lobby), loge (Cf.loge), loggia. (Cf.loggia)]
lodge´a|ble, adjective.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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